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Fish Tavern "O Argyris"


The traditional Greek Fish Tavern "O Argyris" since 1950 stimulates the tourists with the seafood chowder and greens.

The famous tavern Nikos Thalassinos who continues his father's work with the same passion.

Savoring the flavors have a view of the island first, while the Ionian sunset is breathtaking. The specialty is the traditional soup, a very good reason for tourists to visit the tavern "Silver", all months of the year.


  • The "jewel" of Marathopoli since 1950

    If someone opened an English or a German tourist guide for Messinia will surely fall on the "Argyris" traditional tavern on the beach that is the jewel of Marathopoli since 1950.

    The famous tavern Nikos Thalassinos who continues his father's work with the same passion.

    With a great view of Proti's Island with tables located on the rocks, easily detected by the hordes of hungry tourists who flock to the traditional fish soup which is the specialty.

    The famous fish soup

    The recipe was Nick who is the head of the menu learned from his father Argyris Marine and mother Tula seafood and not changed ever. By Captain Basil Constantakopoulos, instigator of Costa Navarino, learned how to make the grass of great beaches. While many believe that behind the famous chowder there some secret tasting, but it is a very simple recipe which already shares:

    "The best fish soup made ​​from grouper or wiper from black fish that is usually the combination of two kinds. Then add celery, carrot, onion, potato, coarse salt, lemon and a little ladaki. The amount of water is most important not to be "watery" but a paste. Naturally counts and oily fish - cod with accomplishes nothing. "

    Simplicity is everything

    "These dishes are simple, no crazy secret. Simplicity is everything, is the substance of things. Why get confused? Lifetime simplicity is the most beautiful. "

    The sea view is magnificent and Mediterranean cuisine will tempt even the most discerning palates. Fresh fish, well cooked octopus and squid, lobsters and kolochtypes pasta, whitebait, bread and salads accompanied by the sea breeze make up the components of the best options in the area.



The Marathópoli or Marathoupoli, in the southwestern part of Messinia, is a picturesque seaside village. Opposite (only 1 Navy. Mile) is the famous Ionian sea pirate island of "Proti".


The sunset is one of the most beautiful sights and creates a beautiful and romantic mood. The village is famous for its fish taverns, while in summer it attracts from all neighboring regions of Messinia.


Around the Marathópolis will find beautiful sandy pristine beaches, to enjoy the most refreshing your baths. A short day cruise to the Isle of Proti...and you will travel to the indefinite past legends.


At the port of Marathopolis tie boats and fishing boats, while tour boat connects Marathópolis with Proti island.


"Striking is that despite the large number of tourists visiting the tavern Nicos, the list is only in Greek and Russian, not even in English. However the service is very warm and all leave with the best impression."
"The culinary delights that can be tried in the tavern "O Argyris" in Marathopoli hosted in the magazine «Blue» Aegean."
«Blue», Aegean
" Nikos Thalassinos cooks at that time unique soup, but this time we were impressed with a platter of grilled seafood, its own marinated anchovies and, as always, with the salad ..."
Mastropavlos Nikos, ΒΗΜΑgazino
"Try fresh fish chowder and fish of the day, and traditional cuisine with homemade appetizers, local vegetables and salad "Argyris" with extra virgin olive oil."
ATHENS voice
"Nikos Thalassinos, a big hairy bear of a Greek from central casting, serves the best psarosoupa (fish soup made with lemon) at Argyris Restaurant"
The Independent
Peloponnesians have appreciated the health benefits of their Mediterranean diet (high in veggies, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish) for centuries. These days, the fish soup at Thalassinos (shown) in the seaside town of Marathopoli."


Address: Marathopoli, Messinia, P.O. BOX 24400
Tel: + (30) 27630 61208 - 6944 201 434



Map - How to get there


Marathópolis is easily accessible as it is located in a hub of Messinia.

The Marathópolis is very close to Gargalianoi (8 km) where you will find banks, various shops, and farmer's market (every Saturday), the Kalamata International Airport (55 km), the Navarino Dunes Costa Navarino golf resort complex (15 km), Kyparissia (27 km), Ancient Messene (50 km), Ancient Olympia (100 km).